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An injured man

• Medical bills

• Pain and suffering

• Lost wages

• Death benefits

• Legal costs

• Coverage away from your home


Why do you need liability coverage?



Relax knowing your best interests are

put first



What your liability insurance will help cover:

Homeowner's insurance only protects you to a certain extent. What your insurance doesn't cover, you may be responsible for paying. Lawson Insurance Agency is here to help make sure you are protected. Our dedicated team is standing by.


You have worked very hard to make your house your home. An accident at your home can put you and your home in jeapordy. Call today for a consultation. We will evaluate your needs and assess your home and property to decide what the best coverage is to protect you and your investment. Learn more from our experienced professionals. Call today for your complimentary consultation.

We can save you money when you set up multiple policies with us.  Call to see what policies are available today. Save money with us!


Call today for a personal consultation about what liability coverage is best for you.